Featured GREEN CLEAN HD™ Service

A visitor or potential clients first impression of your facility or business is often formed by their viewing of your building exterior or parking facility.  Overwhelmingly, visitors are more likely to frequent or repeat business with establishments which are clean, well lit, and properly maintained.

The GREEN CLEAN HD™ Service Back Story

Maintaining parking facilities or building exteriors and cleaning the numerous wastes which accumulate on their hard surfaces can be a chore.  Oil drippings, battery acids, radiator fluids, carbon black, tire rubber, pigeon waste, dirt, mud, spilled sodas and coffee, and regularly reoccuring bilogical mildew staining are all common culprits which lead to dirty facilities.


Due to the increasing enforcement of Clean Water Act laws by local, state, and federal authorities this often harmful waste must be dealt with and disposed of properly while cleaning your property or heavy fines are routinely the consequence.  No waste (petroleum, chemical, etc.) derived from the cleaning of surfaces should be allowed to enter a storm drain, which always flows directly to a body of water.  One quart of waste oil contaminates 250,000 gallons of water. 

The GREEN CLEAN HD™ Service Step 1

To meet Clean Water Act regulations and satisfy the cleaning requirements of property managers, Clean Recover has developed the GREEN CLEAN HD™ service.  And the HD in this case stands for HEAVY DUTY.


Our service features the most powerful pressure wash cleaning equipment in the marketplace coupled with Clean Water Act compliant "Zero Discharge" Full Reclaim and Recycle of all waste and waste water from the cleaning process.


The GREEN CLEAN HD service begins with our specialized surface cleaners which are equipped to simultaneously pressure clean and vacuum all waste and waste water from the hard surfaces, leaving no waste or waste water "run off" to drains.


Our pressure cleaning equipment is the most powerful in the industry and utilizes an unmatched 5,000 PSI and 10 GPM (gallons per minute) of water flow to facilitate a deep clean of hard surfaces.  The surface cleaners are powered by a 500 CFM blower, which reclaims and transports all the waste and waste water back to our waste water filtration and recycling trailer.

The GREEN CLEAN HD™ Service Step 2

At our trailer the waste stream goes through a seven stage water filtration and waste separation process as it travels through various tanks, cartridge filters, and an onboard oil water separator. 


The water is filtered to 10 microns to be reused by our pressure cleaning equipment, and the waste solids are drummed for proper disposal at a licensed waste disposal faciilty.


Our water filtration and reuse process allows us to reduce the amount of water used by 4,000 gallons per shift.  An overall 90% reduction in water usage is achieved when compared to a traditional non-recycle cleaning process.

The GREEN CLEAN HD™ Service Step 3

Our GREEN CLEAN HD service is completed by featuring the use of only Green Seal Certified chemicals and products during the cleaning of windows, elevators, signage, remaining building exteriors or any other client requested items.


A 20 point post-job inspection report is completed by our supervisor and signed off on by the client to guarantee success.  And for repeat projects and clients, Clean Recover logs all the project data including particulars about your facility into a Historical Job Tracking database.  Our tracking of these projects is a very important quality contol and insures the highest quality of service to our clients is being delivered.